Pupils demand OnlyFans model teacher be ‘reinstated’ after ‘old fogies forced her out’


A teacher who resigned from her job at a secondary school after X-rated pictures from her OnlyFans account started circulating has been flooded with messages of support, she says.

Kirsty Buchan’s pupils at Bannerman High in Baillieston, Glasgow, have pleaded with her to come back but the mum of one says she is making too much money to return to her stressful teaching job.

The crisis-hit school has been described as a “war zone” meanwhile Kirsty said her income from the OnlyFans site has already almost doubled her monthly teacher salary, just four days after signing up.

Kirsty previously told sister title The Daily Record how she was left facing poverty after her wages were cut when she took time off to look after her ill son. After students and parents started circulating her X-rated snaps Kirsty quit her job, as council bosses opened disciplinary procedures against her.

However she says the media coverage has seen subscriptions to her OnlyFans pouring in, as well as messages of support from students furious at how she has been treated by the school and ‘old fogies.

Kirsty said: “It’s been a crazy couple of days and I’m an emotional wreck looking at all the lovely messages come in. People are being incredibly kind and so many are commenting on how much they will miss me at the school, as well as acknowledging that I’m a great teacher – which is true.

“The pupils are aware that I’m doing what I have to for my son and I have the right to do what I like with my own body.”

She added: “I always backed the pupils and taught them to be confident about themselves. And they are now returning the gesture and that makes me feel proud.”

Kirsty earlier told reporters how she was forced to seek a quick income after the school refused to pay her wages while she took time off to look after her sick son.

She also told of the trauma of being caught up in violent disorder at Bannerman High, which has been the scene of teacher strikes, amid claims that not enough support is being given to teachers faced with disruptive pupils

Kirsty said she was amazed that she had made a month’s salary in just four days on OnlyFans.

She said: “It has been a rollercoaster in the last couple of days. It was difficult to hear that parents had been complaining about me and dragging my name through the mud. But the local backlash has been good to see – and the subscriptions have been coming in thick and fast.

“When I turned on my computer I could see I had around nearly 400 subscriptions, which I assume is mostly down to the story in the press. It’s nearly double what I earned in a month as a teacher. So the publicity is certainly not doing any harm to the business and I hope it keeps going up and up.”

On the OnlyFans site, Kirsty adopted the moniker Jessica Jackrabbit, announcing herself as “a good teacher gone bad – really bad!” Parents complained to Glasgow City Council about her sideline.

But support-ers on social media have backed the science teacher, who worked at the school for six years. On Instagram, one pupil wrote: “Just want to let you know that we are all so grateful for everything you did for each and every one of us individually.

“You made the school worth going to, and God knows how we’re all going to cope without you? I wish you the best of luck in the future and hopefully don’t forget about us.”

Another wrote: “Hi miss, just wanted to say on this since I couldn’t say it face to face but thank you for everything throughout the past few years. But I hope everything goes well for you in the future, all the best.”

Another admiring pupil wrote: “I am so proud of you and always have been. You have chosen your child over your dream which unfortunately a lot of parents don’t. You have taught me to love myself and my body and have given me so much confidence over the years to speak up for what is right.”

On the Bannerman ex-pupils’ Facebook page, one person wrote: “She never did a thing wrong or was bad to anyone. Good on her for doing it for extra money. Just pathetic that she’s had to leave her job because of jealous people.”

Another former pupil wrote: “Reinstate Miss Buchan, that’s what I say! It’s ridiculous that this young teacher has been hounded out. Parents on Whatsapp disapprove of her apparently. Old fogies.”

Another added: “What she does in her private life has nothing to do with who she is as a professional.”

And one former pupil said: “I’m so angry for you and for the way the school and public have treated you.”

Another supporter said: “You were genuinely the best teacher anyone could have ever had because you were so kind and down to earth and passionate about teaching and you actually cared about every single pupil.

“I know things will work out for you and you will succeed in anything that you do. You truly don’t deserve any of the hardship or grief that you’ve been given.”

Not all reactions though were favourable. One parent told the Record: “The strike was in national news but all the local talk has been about Miss Buchan’s other job. The photos have been circulating like wildfire and parents have been talking via Whatsapp about it.

“The poses she did for Only Fans weren’t just suggestive, they were full frontal porn and leave nothing to the imagination.”

A Glasgow City Council spokesperson said Kirsty will be reported to the General Teaching Council over the snaps. The spokesperson added: “It is very telling that this person has tried to deflect from this situation by taking advantage of current news stories about the school which have no relation to the disciplinary proceedings.”